Rebecca Mikula-Wright

Rebecca Mikula-Wright is Executive Director at the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change.

Rebecca manages the AIGCC secretariat and the group’s ongoing stream of work including policy advocacy and investor practice in the Asia region. She is a member of the global Steering Committee for the Climate Action 100+ and oversees the implementation of the initiative in Asia.

Rebecca has led various projects for the Australia /New Zealand Investor Group on Climate Change including Trustee Training on Climate Change series, IGCC Summit, Low Carbon Investment Registry and sector reports on risks and opportunities of climate change.

Rebecca was previously the General Manager of ASrIA (Asian SRI Association) after coming from the investment banking sector working in equity research, credit analysis, commodities and derivatives for groups such as Nomura Securities, BlackRock and JPMorgan. Rebecca is also a board member of The Orangutan Project that works on direct orangutan and habitat conservation in Indonesia.