Shamim Razavi

Shamim Razavi is a partner of Norton Rose Fulbright Australia. Now based in Sydney, he spent eight years living and working in Indonesia. During this time, he helped foreign investors structure their Indonesian investments in a way that is compliant with both the letter and spirit of Indonesian law while safeguarding the investor’s vital interests. Shamim witnessed a maturation of both the Indonesian legal order and foreign investors’ appraisal of Indonesian opportunities. Being Jakarta based, Shamim also worked with the ASEAN institutions, especially as they gave shape to the ASEAN Economic Community. 

His relocation to Sydney reflects the increasing importance of Asian work to the Australian economy and to Norton Rose Fulbright’s business – reflecting a belief that Australian business can no longer afford to ignore the vast markets and opportunities on its doorstep, but rather that we need to find a way to better parse Asia generally and ASEAN specifically. Shamim has three children, the youngest two being born in Jakarta and – for this reason as well as many others – Indonesia is very close to his heart.