About Disruptive Asia

Disruptive Asia is a thought-leadership project by Asia Society Australia launched in 2017.

Disruptive Asia is a thought-leadership project by Asia Society Australia launched in 2017.

It was founded by Philipp Ivanov, CEO of Asia Society Australia and is edited by Greg Earl.

Disruptive Asia presents – through long-form essays – new perspectives and policy recommendations on how Asia’s rise is impacting Australia’s foreign policy, economy and society and how Australia should respond. Disruptive Asia deliberately looks at both external aspects of Australia’s  relationship with Asia (foreign policy, business connectivity, international education, sustainability) and their domestic implications and manifestations (community relations, leadership diversity, education settings and capabilities).

The Asia debate has long ceased to be an exclusive intellectual domain of foreign policy and business elite. Asia’s ascendancy and the resulting geopolitical, geoeconomic, demographic and social shifts affect virtually all facets of Australian life. Disruptive Asia is a humble attempt to re-start the conversation about the impact of Asia on Australia and our place in the region, and broaden, deepen and bring together the community of those who debate these issues.

Disruptive Asia was made possible through the “Desai-Oxnam Innovation Fund” established by the Asia Society to celebrate generosity and almost 40 years of combined service of former Asia Society Presidents Dr. Vishakha Desai and Dr Robert Oxnam.

Disruptive Asia 2020 (Volume Four)
Sustainability Special Edition

As Asia’s rise accelerates and the deadline to meet the Sustainable Development Goals is edging closer, we need to better understand its impact on our society, our environment and our economy. Is Asia’s growth on a sustainable path? How is Australia positioned to both inform and respond to a sustainable growth trajectory in the region? Are we prepared to maximise the immense opportunities in sustainable fi nance, decarbonisation, renewable energy, and technological innovations in Asia? And how will sustainability fair as the region seeks to recover from COVID-19?

Disruptive Asia 2019 (Volume Three)
China Special Edition

In 2019 Disruptive Asia turns it’s focus to China. The series, released on a rolling basis, will examine how Australia can engage with China. We will focus on the critical areas of the bilateral relationship – trade and investment, education, countering crime, technology, philanthropy, developmental assistance, human rights, and social cohesion and protection of our Australian-Chinese community. The series will provide a contextual brief and practical, implementable ideas to the incoming Australian government and business, education and political leaders and

Disruptive Asia 2018 (Volume Two)
ASEAN Special Edition

Throughout 2018, Disruptive Asia will focus on the ASEAN region and Australia’s relations with its South-East Asian neighbours. The ASEAN edition coincides with the historic ASEAN-Australia Special Summit held in Sydney in March 2018 – the fi rst time Australia has hosted the forum on its shores, and one of the largest gatherings of Asia’s leaders in Australia’s diplomatic history.

Disruptive Asia 2017 (Volume One)

The first edition of Disruptive Asia – coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Asia Society Australia in 2017 – presents 20 essays from the leading and emerging Asia watchers on Australia’s foreign policy in the region, business connectivity, community links, shared regional challenges, Asia competencies and cultural diversity.

About the creators

Philipp Ivanov, CEO, Asia Society Australia

Philipp commenced as CEO in January 2015 and is leading Asia Society Australia through a period of growth and transformation. Philipp is a China specialist with extensive experience in policy, education and research and is committed to building an Asia-connected Australia.

Previously, he was a policy officer and manager of the Australia-China Council at the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In this role, Philipp led the strategic renewal of the Council and had broader responsibilities for the Australia-China bilateral relationship. Philipp was one of the principal authors of the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper – China Country Strategy.

Philipp was also Acting Director and Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific at the University of Sydney, advised the University of Sydney on their China strategy and managed La Trobe University’s partnerships in the Gulf States, Vietnam and Thailand.

Philipp spent over 6 years in China working in education and development. He is the recipient of the ‘Rose Award’ by the Shenyang Municipal Government for his contribution to Shenyang City. In 2009 he was also awarded the Australian Government’s Endeavour Executive Fellowship to research China’s policies on leadership development at the China National Academy of Education Administration in Beijing.

He is a board member of the Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue, Asia Recon, Haymarket HQ and Sydney City Council’s Chinese New Year Advisory Panel. In 2015, he was invited as the only Australian to the 2015 Congress of Vienna – a preeminent global track-two dialogue on major-powers conflict, migration, equality and innovation. He is the creator of Disruptive Asia – a thought-leadership project examining the impact of Asia’s rise on Australia.

Philipp has a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Chinese language and history from the Far Eastern National University in Russia. He also studied in Jilin and Liaoning Normal universities in China. He holds a Master of Educational Leadership and Management from RMIT University in Australia. He grew up in Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast and is a fluent Chinese and Russian speaker.

Greg Earl, Editor, Disruptive Asia

Greg Earl is the editor of Briefing MONTHLY – a public update with news and original analysis on Asia and Australia-Asia relations, and the essay series Disruptive Asia. Greg was the deputy editor, opinion editor, national affairs editor and Asia Pacific editor of The Australian Financial Review.

He spent more than a decade as a reporter based in Tokyo, Jakarta, and New York. He is now an independent writer, editor and consultant; is researching a book about Australia and Asia; and writes a column on economic diplomacy for The Lowy Institute’s The Interpreter. He is a member of the Australia-ASEAN Council board (AAC); and a former member of the Australian National University Indonesia Project advisory board; the Australia Japan Foundation board; and the steering committee for the Australia-Indonesia Dialogue.

His connection with the region began as a high school Indonesian language student and then as an exchange student in the Philippines. This year he has been a member of an international observer group during the Indian election; attended the Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue in Ho Chi Minh City; and served on the selection panel for an AAC Muslim Exchange Program in South East Asia.