A thought-leadership project by Asia Society Australia presenting new perspectives and policy recommendations on how Asia’s rise is impacting Australia’s foreign policy, economy and society and how Australia should respond.

Supported by WWF, The University of Queensland, and Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas.

Edited by Greg Earl.

The Disruptive Asia webcast series

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Climate Change

What the Green New Deals mean for Australia and Southeast Asia


Will Asia’s climate action make Australia a stranded asset?


Three Steps to a Sustainable Economic Alternative for the Asia-Pacific


New Competitive Dynamics for a Climate Changing World


A Green Recovery can make Southeast Asia an Economic Powerhouse


Asia’s ascendancy and the resulting geopolitical, geoeconomic, demographic and social shifts affect virtually all facets of Australian life. Disruptive Asia is a humble attempt to re-start the conversation about the impact of Asia on Australia and our place in the region, and broaden, deepen and bring together the community of those who debate these issues.

Volume 4

Climate Change

Creating Value in CO2: How Australia can Help Trading Partners to Decarbonise Profitably

The linear ‘take-make-waste’ method has been a dominant feature of global production and consumption since the industrial revolution, resulting in hidden waste costs that future generations will have to address. Business leaders and technologists – conscious of the ten-year deadline required…
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Publication Launch: Sustainability of the Asian Century

The special launch event of our 2020 Disruptive Asia Publication – Sustainability of the Asia Century.

As we move ever closer to the UN’s 2030 sustainability targets, leading international sustainability experts analyse the year that was, and a discussion of the way forward for sustainable development in the region.

Featuring former Prime Minister of New Zealand and global leader in sustainable development and gender equality the Right Honourable Helen Clark, President of WWF International Pavan Sukhdev, Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development of the Asian Development Bank Dr Bambang Susantono, and CEO at ClimateWorks Australia Anna Skarbek in conversation with CNN Indonesia’s Desi Anwar.


Australia and the BRI: Cooperate, compete or challenge

The fraught debate around Australia’s response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was again on show in the lead up to the recent federal election. Former Australian ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, counselled that the incoming government should more actively embrace the…
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Volume 2


Bridging a looming digital divide with Indonesia

On a recent trip to Jakarta I was shown by a friend an app on his smartphone which allowed someone to invest in the sale price of a goat or sheep by paying the farmer for its care for three…
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Volume 1


Cultural Diversity in Politics and Media Will Create National Prosperity

Australia’s culturally diverse population is drawn from more than 300 ancestries and is visible in everyday life. This is why Australia is often lauded by its political leaders and commentators as one of the most successful and harmonious multicultural nations…
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